JULY 2021

Ledbury Poetry Festival

National Poetry Competition Winners

Cheryl reading with Isabelle Baafi, Susannah Hart & others TBC

10th July



Cheryl's resources for Poetry Society/Places of Poetry National Poem Writing Scheme

31 May - 31 Oct 2019


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Primary Schools

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Heritage and Arts Organisations

Suppose you woke up tomorrow and it was a corona-free world?

Since school closures were announced in March 2020 Cheryl has been talking to children, their parents, and staff at school to find out what life is like for them in this age of Covid-19. Her conversations have grown into a collection of poetry which reflects the experiences and perspectives of those she has interviewed.

In unique association with Pop Up Projects and Enfield Council, copies of the collection are being printed and distributed free to 2,000 children in Pop Up's 56 partner schools across the UK, and to all 4,300 Year 6 pupils in the borough of Enfield.

A website, www.coronacollectionpoetry.com, has been created as a hub for information and resources relating to this project. New conversations between children and their families and teachers will be welcomed as audio, video or text. Visit the site for further news.



Cheryl featured guest on Julie Mullen's regular 11am weekday show on Soundart Radio Tue 16th June 2020, reading her poetry and playing her favourite tracks.

Listen to the podcast here.


New creative translation resource for Stephen Spender Trust including downloadable activity sheet, audio readings in Turkish and English, and video by Cheryl

'Poems from the Pandemic'

Feature on Cheryl's Corona Collection in August issue of ENFIELD DISPATCH

‘The House That Is Me’ activity made for BUPA Beyond Words takes the body as a starting point to find the right words to express how you are feeling on the inside.

Teachers and parents can use Cheryl’s guide along with the video to help children create their own ‘The House That Is Me’ poem.

Cheryl's new pamphlet Maternal Impression

published Spring 2021

by Against The Grain Press

"Reading Maternal Impression is to have the feeling of walking on nails with bare feet, with the assurance of trust. I go tenderly where these fine poems take me, knowing they will advance my pleasure, my empowerment."

Daljit Nagra